DVI מרחיקי KVM וממתגי KVM

מק"ט: 14340000


KVM Series > DVI KVM > IC-312-AUD
* Controls PCs with one USB keyboard, USB mouse and monitor respectively.
* Supports USB 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 Specification compliant and supports UHCI, OHCI & EHCI host controller.
* Supports USB Boot protocol & Wakeup Device.
* Supports the windows, Linux, Macintosh with USB connection.
* Supports speaker & microphone.
* Use PanelLink digital technology.
* Supports high-resolution display up to UXGA (25-165MHz).
* Compliant with the specification of DVI 1.0.
* Support DVI-D Single Link.
* 3 ways for PC selection -- Push-button switch, hot key or mouse clicking.
* Easy to install--No software required.
* Hot Pluggable.
* Auto scan function to monitor PCs.
* Auto skips over the power-off PC.
* Beep sound and multi selection ways on/off option for port selection.


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Function IC-312-AUD
PC Connectors 2
Port Selection Push-button Switch / Hot Key / Mouse Clicking
LEDS On Line 2
Selected 2
Connector-keyboard Mouse Console Port 2 x USB A-Type
CPU Port 2 x USB B-Type
Connector Monitor Console DVI Port 1
CPU Port A 2
Audio,Mic.(Jack) Console Port 1 x Audio, Mic.
CPU Port 2 x Audio, Mic.
Resolution 1600x1200 60Hz
Power Adapter DC 9V
Scan Interval 5 sec ~ 30 sec
Housing Metal
Weight 515g
Dimensions (LxWxH) 200x80x42 mm
Cable Distance (Device to Monitor) 10 M

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