ממתגי VGA KVM

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KCC116C בורר KVM 16xU/P-USB CAT5 של חברת OXCA

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  •   1-Console 8/16/32port CAT5 KVM switch
  •   Support combo interface for connecting to PC ports conveniently
  •   Support full CAT5 interface on all PC ports for reducing KVM cable bulk
  •   Support the connections include one local console(mouse, keyboard and VGA), one built-in CAT5 extender and one slot for optional plug-in IP remote console module
  •   Support Microsoft Windows, Netware, Unix, Linux
  •   Support iMAC, Power MAC and Sun Micro Systems (SUN Micro system to PS2 Keyboard mapping table) with USB port
  •   No Software Required - easy PC selection via On Screen Display

     (OSD) Menu

  •   Hot Plug – add or remove connected PCs without powering

     off the KVM switch or PCs

  •   Support up to 1600 x 1200 video resolution for 500 feet CAT5-Based remote console,

1600 x 1200 video resolution for 1000 feet CAT5-Based remote console
1600 x 1200 video resolution for IP-Based remote console

  •    Keyboard status restored when switching PCs
  •  Support password security
  •  Each server can be 40 meters away from this KVM Switch by

      CAT5 UTP cable.

  •  Supports DDC-2 protocol and DDC/CI auto screen adjustment
  •  Supports both USB and PS/2 Cat5 dongle connected to PC or Server.
  •  Supports both USB and PS/2 local keyboard/mouse.
  •  Supports local console, CAT5 extension console (Optional) and IP Remote console (Optional) access.
  •  An optional CAT5 extension Console unit can be linked for an extension operator (up to 1000 feet away from the Cat5 KVM).
  •  Simple On-Screen Display (OSD) makes servers easy to

      access and control.

  •  Firmware upgradeable
  •  Rack mount kit for 19” RACK
KCC-108C KCC-116C KCC-132C Features
RJ-45, 8P8C PC Port Connector
8 ports 16 ports 32 ports PC Ports
40m Max. Distance 
(KVM switch to PC )
1600 x 1200 DDC2B Video Resolution
(Local Console)
1600 x 1200 for CAT5-Based 500 feet remote console Video Resolution
1024 x 768 for CAT5-Based 1000 feet remote console (Optional Remote Console)
1600 x 1200 for IP-Based remote console  
Local console: Console Ports
HDDB 15 pin female;mini DIN 6 pin female(for mouse) ;mini DIN 6 pin female(for keyboard) ;2x USB A-type receptacle
Remote console CAT5 extender(Extension Console Unit optional) : 1 x RJ-45 Connector
Console Ports                                                        KVM Ports CAT5 Dongle(ps/2)
1 x HDDB 15 pin female 1 x RJ-45 Connector
2 x PS2 mini DIN 6 pin female                                  
Console Ports                                                          KVM Ports CAT5 Dongle(USB)
1xHDDB 15pin female   1xRJ-45  Connector
1x USB A-type plug                                
1 x USB A Type Connector Firmware upgrade port
Front panel button, On Screen Display (OSD) Menu, Hot Key PC selection
2LEDs: - Power (Red), - Online (Green) PC Port LEDs
5, 10, 15, 20 Sec Auto-Scan Intervals
PS/2, USB Keyboard/Mouse Emulation
Metal, Rack mount, 1U Housing
AC Input 100V-240V, 60Hz Power
Optional DC input 12V
 585mm×185 mm× 26mm Dimension(With Box)
3000g 3200g 3500g  Weight(With Box)

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