ממתגי VGA KVM

מק"ט: 14340073

KVM USB3+VGA 2048x1536 4PC בורר AH834A י WAVE

AH834A is a 4-Port Smart Touch USB KVM Switch that users can access, control, boot, and reboot their computers with a single set of keyboard, mouse, and VGA monitor display.

It features the latest Smart Touch button for quick switch and two USB 3.0 device ports for fast data transfer between KVM and USB devices. Compare with USB 2.0, USB 3.0 is 10 times faster in transfer rate, which can satisfy modern data transfer with rich media and large digital files.

Besides, it supports TTU (True Transparent USB) Emulation Technology which is capable of a complete versatility in dealing with the functional requirements of all types of advanced keyboards and mice.

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.Resolution support for Analog Display: 2048 x 1536
.2 x USB 3.0 device hub ports for high-speed USB device sharing 
.Two channel stereo sound for theater audio experience 
.True Transparent USB emulation technology for all types of keyboards and mice 
.Active Sync Replication for all time DDC emulation 
.Smart-touch for quick switch

AH834A Model No.
4-Port Smart Touch VGA USB KVM Switch w/ USB 3.0 Hubs Product Description
4 Number of Ports
1 Number of Console
USB Type A Female  Console Keyboard Connector
USB Type A Female Console Mouse Connector
VGA HDB15 Female Console Video Connector
2 x 3.5 mm Audio / Mic Jack Female Console Audio/Mic Connector
2 USB 3.0 Type A Female Console USB Hub Ports
USB Type B Female  PC Keyboard Connector
Via PC Keyboard Connector  PC Mouse Connector
VGA HDB15 Female  PC Video Connector
3.5 mm Audio / Mic JacK Male  PC Audio/Mic Connector
Smart Touch/ Hotkey  PC selection
2048 x 1536  Analog Display Resolution
Yes (TTU)  Keyboard & Mouse Emulation
5 ~ 100 sec  Auto Scan Delay Time
0 ~ 40°C   Operation Temperature
-20 ~ 60°C   Storage Temperature
0 ~ 90% RH, Non-Condensing   Humidity
2.1 mm Power Jack   Power type
DC 9V /1A  Power Adapter
980 g  Weight
255 x 102 x 45 mm  Dimension(L×W×H)
FCC, CE   Safety / Emission

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